Bodegas Marc Isart, La Maldicion Rojo

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Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) / Malvar

Madrid, Spain

Marc Isart, linked to mythical projects such as Comando G or Bernabeleva, starts this personal project with the dream of producing thirst wines, wines to give pleasure and quench thirst, from vineyards less than 5 leagues from the Villa, destined by royal decree for centuries to the inhabitants of Madrid. From old vineyards of Tinto Fino or Malvar, forgotten and recovered by Marc and representing the DNA of the old tempranillo of the Madrid mountains. Just 5 leagues from the capital, in an austere landscape, of esparto, holm oaks and thyme, dry and hot summers, cold and extreme winters, suffering, thirst and cold. From these vineyards are born delicious wines intended for villains but worthy of the highest nobility.

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