Bouchard Aine et Fil Chardonnay

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Burgundy, France

When Michel Bouchard settled in Burgundy in 1731 to set up a flourishing enterprise in the fabric trade followed by branching out to become a wine broker, he laid down the family’s Burgundian roots. In 1750, his eldest son, Joseph, followed his father in the family business, anchoring the presence of the Bouchards on the Côte d’Or. Working closely with local winegrowers, this close collaboration resulted in a crafting of wine merchant-winemaker-cellarer, with the unyielding quest for perfection in quality, authenticity of style and prestige. Formed from over two centuries of savoir-faire, these attributes are imbued in the culture of our House - Bouchard Aîné & Fils. The outcome - a perfect mastery of grape selection, winemaking and ageing.

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