Cantalapiedra Lirondo Clarete Rosé

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Verdejo / Tinto de Toro (Tempranillo)

Castilla y Leon, Spain

Isaac and Manuel Cantalapiedra, a father and son tandem from Rueda, Castilla y León region are descendants of long -time growers of the area. Young Manuel is at the helm of the family bodega. He is a passionate farmer and rebellious winemaker. In 2014, they launched their namesake wines as Vino de Mesa instead of Rueda appellation of origin. Manuel seeks to express local noble grape Verdejo with firm structure, elegance and vineyard transparency. He harvests his grapes a little longer, grows them organically and applies biodynamic principles. Winemaking is as natural as possible with low to 0 sulfur, ferments with native yeast then bottles the wines with light filtration. Cantayano is his entry -level village wine from three parcels while Majuelo del Chiviritero and La Otea are both single vineyard wines.

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