Delinquente Screaming Betty Vermentino

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Riverland, Australia

Delinquente uses certified organic southern Italian grape varieties from the Riverland, fermented with wild yeast and minimal invention in the winery. Con Greg Grigoriou was born and raised in the Riverland, surrounded by vineyards and the mighty Murray River. Delinquente is Con Greg’s (& team) attempt at making the best wine possible in the area where he grew up—a region that can be very hot and very dry, and often associated with only bulk wine production, the Riverland. Because of the climate in the region, Con Greg has chosen to work with Southern Italian grape varieties— varieties which are suited to the climate, need less water and are naturally drought resistant, are late ripening, and retain natural acidity. In this way, the vines are more environmentally sustainable, and allow Delinquente to make wines with lower alcohol levels but an adundance of freshness and flavor. 

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