Domaine du Closel Clos du Papillon

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Chenin Blanc

Savennières, France

The current Château des Vaults dates to the 18th century and the magnificent surrounding gardens were first laid out in 1850. In the late 19th century, the estate was inherited by Emmanuel de Las Cases, Napoleon’s biographer, and has belonged to his descendants ever since. The strong lineage of women running this estate began with his wife Marque de la Cases épouse du Closel, whose niece Michèle Bazin de Jessey would go on to develop the vineyards and winery, Les Vins Domaine du Closel. Michèle’s daughter Evelyne de Pontbriand took over the estate in 2001 following an earlier career teaching French literature around the world.

Evelyne brought with her a passion for plants, gardens, and nature in general and quickly became the driving force in transitioning the estate to organic and bio-dynamic farming. Her belief is that through these techniques combined with planting cover crops where needed, allowing the natural growth of indigenous ground cover, mechanical plowing of the soils and an overall respect for the natural balance of each site, that the terroirs of Savennières are best revealed.

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