Eric Louis Sancerre

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Sauvignon Blanc

Loire Valley, France

Eric Louis has been rooted in the southeast of the Sancerre appellation for 4 generations. His family estate was founded in 1860 by his great-grandmother Pauline who gave her name to the estate “Les Celliers de la Pauline” (Pauline’s Cellars) and whose name is born on the family wine labels today. Eric’s grandparents, Julien and Louise, cared for the vineyard after Pauline. Their son Leon and his wife, Eric’s parents Ginette and Leon, expanded the family tradition by specializing in winegrowing in the 1980s. They raised the reputation of the appellation and inspired their son to pursue winemaking. Eric took over the winery in 1995 with 6 hectares (14 acres) of vines spread over Sancerre slopes overlooking the Loire in Thauvenay, Ménétréol sous Sancerre and Vinon, villages renowned for their predominantly flint soils. Today, the vineyard covers 35 hectares of Sancerre appellation and 1.5 hectare of Quincy appellation.

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