Hugel Gentil

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Gewurztraminer / Pinot Gris / Riesling / Muscat / Sylvaner

Alsace, France

For over 370 years and with 13-family generations, the Hugel family has unrivaled experience and knowledge of Alsace vineyards and winemaking. Known today for their passion and modern outlook, the dynamic Hugel family, located in the picture-postcard fortified village of Riquewihr, has earned a worldwide reputation for their Alsace wines.

The company was founded in Riquewihr in 1639 by Hans Ulrich Hugel, who was a Swiss national who left his home country during the Thirty Years' War. Ithas remained in the hands of the Hugel family since then. As a logotype, they use a family crest which was carved in 1672, to decorate the doorway of a house built in Riquewihr by one of Hans Ulrich's sons. In 1902, Hugel & Fils, which was then managed by Frédéric Emile Hugel, moved to its present location in the centre of Riquewihr.

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