Julien Cecillon 'Graviers' Syrah

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Rhône Valley, France

Julien Cécillon is one such winery founded by two winemakers, Texas-born Nancy Kershen and Rhône native Julien, who labor together to make elegant-but-drinkable versions of this famous place’s wines. Before founding the domaine, the pair both worked in various contexts in the wine industry—Nancy in New Zealand and Napa; Julien in South Africa, around the Rhône, and in California, where he and Nancy met. Their relationship and shared passion for wine inspired them to begin a project together; in 2011, Julien and Nancy got things started with a tiny parcel in Saint-Joseph of only .3ha.

‘Les Graviers’ is a négociant blend of three vineyard sites in the Rhône. The majority of fruit comes from the southern parts of the Drôme and Ardèche, a smaller amount from vineyards around Tournon. ‘Les Graviers’ means ‘gravel,’: the winery was a former gravel warehouse, and the market square in Tournon where Julien grew up is called ‘Place des Graviers.’

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