La Vinyeta, Pipa Mono Blanc

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Empordà, Spain

La Vinyeta is located in Mollet de Peralada in Spain’s Emporda region. The winery has recovered the model of traditional farming where the vines live in harmony with livestock and olive trees. Chickens feed on leftover grapes, sheep graze in the vineyards, and bees boost biodiversity and prove the success of the environmentally friendly methods here. Winemaking goes hand in hand with other products such as honey, eggs, olive oil, and cheese.

They created two new wines, called the Monkeys (Monos) from La Vinyeta, to collaborate with the Mona Foundation in the conservation of primates. This entity is dedicated to the custody and recovery of animals, mainly chimpanzees and macaques. These are two varietal wines of varieties recovered in the Empordà, monastrell and malvasia. Both wines are illustrated with animals from the Foundation that also give the vintage its name.

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