Mary Taylor by Larroque, "Gaillacoise' Petillant Natural

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Narbonne, France

Mary Taylor's mission is to unlock the world of European “appellation” wines by working with individual growers in multiple villages— from Bordeaux to Nîmes to Valençay— who produce exceptional, regionally-distinctive wines at extremely accessible prices. Farming is inextricably linked to making distinctive wines and all of the growers that Mary Taylor works with farm responsibly; most are certified sustainable by HVE and others are certified organic and practicing biodynamic.

The Gaillacoise Pétillant Naturel is made in the méthode ancestrale: an ancient, artisanal method of making sparkling wine which consists of a single fermentation.  The grape must is bottled before it is fully fermented, and as the grapes’ natural yeasts consume the remaining sugars, bubbles are produced and trapped in the bottle.  The wine is bottled in November after harvest and is disgorged in March the following year.

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