Mathieu Cosme Vouvray

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Chenin Blanc

Loire Valley, France

Mathieu Cosme’s Domaine de Beaumont is located just outside of Noizay, a village fronting the Loire in the far southeastern corner of Vouvray. Founded in 1930, it is currently headed by the fifth generation of the Cosme family, Mathieu. After a degree in enology and an internship at Domaine Huet, Mathieu has made a name for himself by making powerful, dry, and precise cuvées of Chenin Blanc from 13 hectares of vineyards with ideal southern and southeastern exposure – wines that suit a former rugby player who is more comfortable behind a horse-drawn plow than behind a desk – or a dinner table rather than a tasting table for that matter. The Domaine has been certified organic since the 2014 vintage and Mathieu has plowed the soils by horse since 2005 when he finished his étage at Huet and returned to run his family’s estate. Harvest is manual and fermentations are indigenous. The wines are fermented and aged in 400L French oak barrels as has been the tradition in Vouvray for centuries. For years we’ve searched for an estate in Vouvray making chiseled and forthright dry wines and made with minimal intervention. 

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