Matthias Roblin Sancerre

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Sauvignon Blanc

Loire Valley, France

Matthias Roblin’s first commercial vintage was in 2000, and by 2003 Decanter named his Sancerre the best white wine of Loire Valley in 2005. In 2006 his younger brother, Emile, joined him, and now these two work alongside their father. Matthias and Emile’s vines grow on the hillsides of Maimbray and Sury-en-Vaux in the northern sector of Sancerre. This zone is known for its terres blanches or Kimmeridgian Marls—white soils made of clay and marl and stones on top of Kimmeridgian limestone, and make for pointed, powerful wines that need a couple of years in bottle to show best (and indeed have the potential to age surprisingly well, but almost never are permitted to do so). The brothers have 14 hectares (35 acres) in Sauvignon Blanc and 2.5 (6 acres) in Pinot Noir.

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