Nine Oaks Kisi Amber

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Kakheti, Georgia

The country of Georgia is the oldest known wine producing region in the world with artifacts dating back eight thousand years. Georgian renaissance man, Mamuka Khurtsidze, is a geologist, historian, and traditional Georgian winemaker. Nine Oaks is a new project making wines in the traditional way, with Qvevri, indigenous yeasts, and little added sulfur with estate grown fruit. The very popular "orange" or amber wine style originates from this ancient region, where the amber wines remain four weeks on the skins in Qvevri, for a rich opulent color. The Kakheti region has made highly regarded wines for thousands of years, but trade with the west was very restricted. The doors are finally open again and rediscovering these timeless treasures are an exciting new chapter in the wine world today!


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