Reeve Rhoda Pinot Noir

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Pinot Noir

Healdsburg, California

Noah and Kelly Dorrance are the husband-and-wife collaborative behind Reeve Wines. The couple met and fell in love after college when they both returned to their hometown of Springfield, Missouri. Noah’s work and growing interest in wine took them to Paris, then through the Tuscan countryside, where they married, before ultimately moving to Northern California to build a life together.

In 2015 they launched Reeve Wines on a wild and rolling hillside estate property in Healdsburg, California, as an exploration of Noah’s love for California wines with verve and intensity, produced from land that tells a story. What began as a creative outlet to complement the runaway success of Banshee Wines, the wine label Noah started with friends in 2008, soon grew to be something so singular it refused to be relegated to a side project.

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