Bodegas Monovar Fondillon 1975

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Alicante, Spain

Fondillón is a special style of wine produced in the Alicante D.O. in Spain. Fondillón is a red wine produced in an oxidized (rancio) style from overripe Monastrell grapes and is typically semi-sweet. Its alcohol level is similar to many fortified wines, although Fondillón is not fortified. Fondillón is typically bottled and sold after an extended period of aging in barrel (minimum 10 years). It can either be vintage-dated or come from a solera.

An oenological jewel that has become, on its own merits, a fundamental piece of the Mediterranean treasure that Alicante’s gastronomy represents in the world. There is a theory about the origin of the word Fondillón, which suggests that the name comes from the “fondo” (the bottom) that accumulated in the barrels containing this type of wine. By refilling them using this traditional system of soleras, the ageing of the refilled wine with similar characteristics to the one it contained was favored. This system allows the quality of our product to be very high and homogeneous, because in all the barrels there is a high percentage of the mother solera started in 1972 and this solera transmits its characteristics to the wine that has arrived later. This is why this Fondillón has no vintage. Each bottle contains a unique blend of wines from various years that have aged together for at least ten years each to form a complete Fondillón.

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